Adam Hartle- Host/Comedian: Adam's quick wit and social conscience make him the perferct host of this live action comedy documentary many are calling the best they've ever seen. "Growing up, my hereoes were Bill Hicks and George Carlin, who were not only extremely funny, but also made you think."

Anthony Hashem- Director: First time director Anthony Hashem is quickly making a name for himself in this industry. His vision and ability to capture the "realness" of each scene is what makes this film great. Whether its performing as the voice of "Bud" during an improv moment or his comedic outlook as history unfolds, Anthony keeps audiences laughing throughout the film.

Betty Aldworth- Students for Sensible Drug Policy: Forget about Kim Kardashian and Rihanna, Betty Aldworth is a women Mom's across America can show their daughters and say, "One day you can be like her". Coming from a long line of activists, Betty's work on Amendment 64 has helped change the world, and made Colorado a safer, more just place for all citizens. 

Pastor Bill Kirton: Having served the Denver community in the Methodist Church since 1968, Pastor Kirton's experience and knowledge make him a great addition to this film. He's a supporter of marijuana legalization primarily due to the moral implecations of imprisoning Americans for recreating with a natural plant that is healthier than alcohol.

Brian Vicente- lawyer/ primary author of Amendment 64: Take what you think of lawyers and throw it out the window, because this lawyer is 100% bad ass. Brian, a self- proclaimed "snowboard bum", has vowed to use his law degree for the good of the people. When he's not writing legislation to change the world, he's fighting for patients rights for access to medical cannabis across the country.

Minister David Ridge- Living Water Unity: David supports marijuana legalization primarily due to the thousands of murders that occur each year at the hands of the drug cartels. He recognizes that for many, cannabis use can bring you closer to the spiritual world and help desolve one's ego. He doesn't judge individuals personal spiritual quest for knowledge, and even says he doesn't mind if people use cannabis legally in there homes then come to services as long as they're not the ones driving- what a guy!

Jerry Cameron- politician/ former police chief: Look up the word genius in the dictionary and you'll find a picture of Jerry Cameron. His expertise on the role of government, civil liberties, and the founding fathers is second to none in America. As a member of L.E.A.P (law enforcement against prohibition), Jerry speaks around the world about the colossal failure of prohibition and the costly war on drugs drawing from his 17 years of service as a decorated police chief in Florida.

Dr. Joseph Anderson: With 55 years experience as a physician, Dr. Anderson's insight on the safety of marijuana use speaks volumes. Having worked in numerous emergency rooms throughout his career, Dr. Anderson says he's seen multiple people enter the E.R. from alcohol poisoning yet has never seen anyone enter for marijuana overdose. Allthough he's never used marijuana himself, he considers it harmless and has seen the good results from it from thousands of his patients.

Lenny Frieling- lawyer/ former judge Talk about a fun guy to spend an afternoon with- Lenny's youthful exuberance and detailed knowledge make him a great addition to this film. As a defender of those arrested for cannabis use in the court of law, Lenny actually stands to lose money by the legalization of cannabis, but with high integrity matched by his great personality, he's a champion for the American people and a strong voice for the cause.

Linda McCurrin  Linda suffers from fibromyalgia- a condition where..... She describes the pain associated with her condition as being burned with 100 cigarettes across your body at the same time. Initially prescribed pain pills to treat her fibromyalgia Linda became addicted and nearly died from the opiates. She credits marijuana with saving her life as she's now able to manage the pain safely and naturally as she speaks out on behalf of medical marijuana patients.

Michael Basbagill-  After a workplace accident resulting in the amputation of his lower leg, Michael was prescribed pain pills from his doctors. Eight surgeries later, he found himself addicted to the opiates and unable to function. After finding a medical marijuana doctor that prescribed him cannabis to treat the pain, he's now speaking out on the dangers of prescription pain pills. His personal testimony will save lives and we're proud to have him in this film.

Mik Ayers- Cinematographer: Having worked on projects with the likes of Robert DeNiro, and with experience on TV shows and feature films Mik's done it all. Capturing the scenic beauty of Colorado, Ayers' vision makes this film a truly memorable one. His eye and technical prowess are second to none and his ability to work on the fly/commentary makes him an integral part of this live action documentary. 

Rob Kampia- Executive Director of the Marijuana Policy Project After graduating high school as valedictorian of his class, Rob was arrested while in college for growing cannabis for personal use. The result? He was elected class President at Penn State where he earned an engineering degree. Today he is the executive director of the nations' largest non-profit who's goal is to change cannabis laws to reflect the will of the people. He's a prominent face of the legalization movement and a true visionary for the future of America.

Shaleen Title- Attorney/ State Campaigns Director L.E.A.P-  Activist Shaleen Title is teeming with positive energy and an inner glow that bursts onto film. Her expertise on the racial divide resulting from the failed war on drugs is second to none and her efforts to defend patients rights and end prohibition is truly saving lives. 

Tom Tancredo- Former Congressman Former Presidential candidate Tom Tancredo shared his views on the failure of marijuana prohibition and the importance of fighting against government intrusion pertaining to our private lives. He's currently running for Governor of Colorado, and as the only candidate who's supported Amandment 64 from the beginning, you may soon see him in the Governor's mansion as well as this film.

Toni Fox- Activist/ Owner 3D Cannabis Center Toni made history on Jan. 1st, 2014 as the owner of the first recreational pot shop in America. Her many years of activism has made Colorado a better place and this entrepreneur is providing a great model for regulated cannabis sales and revenue towards the construction of new schools in Colorado.

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